HLF is owned and operated by Greg Herskowitz, Esq., who sets himself apart by others by providing exceptional client service. Greg prefers that clients contact him on his direct line or cell phone, rather than calling a staff member when needing an answer to a question on a transaction. Greg makes it a point to be more accessible than most other attorneys.

Greg Herskowitz is a practicing attorney since 1997, who specializes in residential and commercial transactions.

Since the inception of HLF, Greg has had a vision to create a Real Estate Company that caters to all parties:

  • Buyers – Buying a home is a big step and there are going to be questions. We want to help with those questions and make sure buyers are educated about homeownership.
  • Sellers – Selling a home is an unfamiliar process. Our goal is to alleviate some of the anxieties many sellers experience.
  • Realtors – Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each and every transaction closes quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, CORRECTLY.
  • Loan Officers – We will work with the lender to see that the instructions and conditions have been met and the client’s transaction has closed to your satisfaction.
  • Developers – We have closed hundreds of Units for developers and specialize in the retail end of a consumer closing.

Knowledge is Power!

By taking advantage of advances in software and the Internet, HLF has created a seamless method of organizing the data necessary to close a loan. Each and every participant will remain informed about his or her own particular concerns throughout the process. We offer payoff quotes, closing statements and other important documents sent right to your attention through our advanced technology!

Repeat Business is Our Goal

Over and above our technology, HLF also provides you with a fantastic staff – ready to assist when you need them. We know how important it is to provide exceptional customer service. All of the technology in the world means little without a staff dedicated to customer service.

It is HLF’s desire to support – through communication, information and experience – the Buyer, Seller, Developer, and Realtor.

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