Detailed Services

HLF provides residential and commercial real estate services throughout the State of Florida.

Here are some more detailed services that WE look forward to providing you:

  • Represent you as either a Buyer or Seller.
  • Act as closing and title agent or handle the transaction as an Attorney in your capacity as a Buyer or Seller.
  • Act as your escrow agent so your money is handled safely and professionally.
  • Prepare and/or review Contracts for purchase of a residence or commercial property.
  • Prepare Seller’s conveyance documents.
  • Serve as your depositor (holding all monies in our Trust Account) for all your funds and distribute your funds at real estate closing.
  • Review your title and clear any title defects.
  • Ensure that you are getting a title that is “free and clear” at your real estate closing.
  • Prepare the Settlement Statement and make sure that all funds are accurately disbursed.
  • Coordinate with your Mortgage Company or Bank and Realtors to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Payoff any back liens or mortgages on your property.
  • Conduct a smooth, prompt and professional real estate closing.
  • Fully explain any and all documents related to your closing.
  • Record your documents for you with the Clerk of Court.
  • Issue your title insurance policy.
  • Contact Greg Herskowitz for more information and detailed services available.