When will I receive my Warranty Deed?

After closing, the Warranty Deed is forwarded to the appropriate county that the subject property is located in to be placed of record. Depending on the county, we now file electronically and the turnaround time for receiving the recorded Warranty Deed is about 2-3 business days. If we cannot file electronically (if the County does not provide for this capability) then it typically can take 2-3 weeks. As soon as our office receives the recorded Warranty Deed back from the County, we will have your Owner’s Title Policy prepared and will forward both these items to you at the property address. The turn-around time can usually take 30-45 days..

When will I receive my Owner’s Title Policy?

Your Owner’s Title Policy will be returned to the home address at the time your original recorded Warranty Deed is mailed. It will be sent to the property address, unless you have provided us with a different mailing address at Closing.

If I receive a tax bill after closing, what should I do with it?

You need to call your county tax office and verify payment for that year. If paid, keep for your records. If not, forward to your mortgage company for payment if an escrow account is set up. If not paid, you need to pay it. Always check your disclosure statement for credit of taxes. This credit means you had less out of pocket at closing. If taxes were to be paid at closing, contact Post Closing for instructions. If you are still unsure as to what to do after following the steps above, please call our Post Closing Department.

I cannot file my homestead exemption because I haven’t received my Warranty Deed?

Our office will return your recorded Warranty Deed to you in ample time to file your homestead exemption. If you do not receive your Warranty Deed back from our office, please call our Post Closing Department and inquire of the status. We can always scan the recorded Warranty Deed to you by email.

Where, when and how do I file for Homestead Exemption?

You need to contact your county tax collector’s office. Our office does not file your Homestead Exemption. This is the homeowner’s responsibility. See Homestead Exemption page.

Where do I make my first mortgage payment?

You may have received temporary coupons in the folder given to you at closing. You will receive a coupon book from your mortgage company within 30-45 days. If you do not receive a coupon book, please contact your mortgage company.

Was my homeowner’s insurance premium collected at closing?

Please refer to the Disclosure Settlement Statement. If there is an amount noted in the Buyers   column, your insurance was collected and paid at closing. If not collected, it is your responsibility to pay directly to your insurance company. Should you require, at any time, additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.