Hazard Home Owner’s Insurance Information

Please have your insurance agent fax a copy of the declaration page for your hazard insurance policy (along with a paid receipt or invoice for the first year’s premium) to our office prior to closing so that we can ensure that the policy satisfies the lender’s requirements.

You are required to bring the paid receipt or invoice for the first year’s premium to the closing.


If you are buying a house, you must purchase a survey for your new property. A survey will illustrate the boundaries of the property along with any easements or encroachments that may exist. If you are purchasing a condominium or townhouse, a survey will most likely not be required.

As many lenders and builders require a survey, it is important that you consult your Lender or Builder before making a decision on whether or not to purchase one. We would be more than happy to order the survey for you. However, please be advised this is a service you are permitted to shop for in terms of a price quote.

Closing Funds

Please be advised that a wire is the only form of payment we are permitted to receive due to underwriting requirements. Please be prepared to set up a wire authorization with your bank.


Please bring your driver’s license, passport, or other government I.D. with you to the closing, as a form of identification. We recommend bringing two forms of I.D. as some lenders require it. Please check with your lender prior to closing to see if the lender is requiring any additional items be brought to the closing.