Smooth Sailing—From Contract to Closing!

The cornerstone of our practice is built upon our ability to form close relationships with builders. Let’s be honest—any law firm or title company can perform a real estate closing, but HLF is uniquely set up to actually offer you service over and above what other companies can offer. HLF is owned and operated by Greg Herskowitz, who is intimately involved with HLF’s transactions and files on a day-to-day basis. HLF has a great staff, who have been together with HLF for over 10-years and have over 80-years of combined real estate experience. HLF also has developed its own cutting edge technology to get you up-to-date information as soon as we receive it. We have the ability to customize many different systems to serve your needs. This introduction to our Builder Programs is a great start to a wonderful, mutually beneficial relationship.

Our use of technology is where it all begins. Upon receipt of your contract, one of our team of processors is assigned to the file (we call them “Pre-Closers”). The Pre-Closer orders title on the contract and “pre-frames” the file. Pre-framing is the process by which we contact all of the relevant parties to ensure we have contact information so we can keep in touch with everyone involved in the transaction. Lenders, borrowers and any co-op agents are entered into our system so they can be a part of the closing process from start to finish. We also send a package to your customer outlining the process and noting what to expect. The title order is immediately transmitted. We control the process from start to finish so we are not at the mercy of outside entities. As a side-note, HLF’s average turnaround time for title work is 2-3 business days!

At this stage, your customer’s title has been ordered; they have been contacted by an actual person to confirm all their information. The “What to Expect at Closing” package has also been sent via e-mail or fax.

Once information is entered into our closing software, our automatic systems take over. These systems handle several tasks that your staff would normally be forced to track.

As the various due diligence items (i.e. title work, estoppels, lien searches, surveys) are received, our staff scans them into our system for a permanent record. This automatically updates the daily email for the following day noting that they have been received.

Everyone in the process can share this information, as you desire. As we receive items, for example, a survey, it can be automatically forwarded to the buyer and their agent. The best thing for your buyer? They are active participants in the process.

As titles are received, they are automatically forwarded to the lender as well, which eliminates unnecessary delays. Again, our goal is for you to send us the order and relax! This enables you to do what you do best—develop real estate!

Lenders are also catching the technology wave. They expect to receive necessary items in a timely fashion so that they can produce the closing packages in time for the scheduled closing time. We understand the costs involved with closing delays, so we have created systems geared toward their needs as well. We are set up to receive packages via email and are approved by all important players in the industry. We are completely set up to close loans using “virtual office” technology.

After the closing we are just as prepared to offer exceptional service. If documents are needed months after closing, we can forward them with 2 or 3 clicks of the mouse. Our daily reports also note what has closed so you can keep easily keep track of the progress of your closings.

In sum, HLF’s push technology enables you to focus on your core business of developing real estate. Let us handle the process of closing the deal! As we say, “Smooth sailing, from contract to closing”.